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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781444725582

Price: £7.99

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I’ve always been ‘the clever one’. So clever that I got 10 As in my Junior Cert. So clever that everyone knows I’m destined for great things. But my family chooses to ignore how clever I am when I tell them that all this is going to end badly.
‘This’ being my sister Fiona’s announcement that she is having a baby (father: Big; occupation: shady scumbag). At first, I swore I wouldn’t help her. After all, if she wants to be a pramface, that’s her problem. But I didn’t realise how much I’d love baby Harvey, and want to do everything in my power to protect him.
Mam is doing her usual act of pretending everything’s fine. My brother Cian is in a world of his own. My shiny happy best friend Mark thinks I should stay out of it.
But I can’t. So I try to figure out a way to get Big out of our lives for good. And once my plan is in motion, I can’t go back. No matter how much I sometimes want to.


'Bravely written, raw, funny, at times politically incorrect but always captivating, The Clever One explores the boundaries of love, loyalty, family ties and the lengths we're prepared to go to in protecting them. In Maeve, Helena Close has not only created an extraordinary heroine but also a credible one. An impressive, relevant and entertaining read.'
Irish Independent
Praise for Helena Close
A remarkable book that expands the frontiers of Irish popular fiction
Irish Times
A fantastic book, both heart-wrenching and rewarding at the same time
RTE Guide
A realistic, painful story that has moments of great tenderness
Irish Independent
'This book is so gripping and well-written, we'd highly recommend it, not just as teen fiction.'
U Magazine