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The Night of the Party

By Rachael English
Rachael English
'A cracking page-turner in the best tradition of Maeve Binchy' Patricia Scanlan'Beautiful, compelling, and sincere in the way of the very best stories and the best books' Irish IndependentFrom the Number One bestselling author of The American Girl comes a story of friendship, a small town, and a big secret ...January 1982: In the rural village of Kilmitten, the Crossan family is holding its annual party during the biggest snowstorm Ireland has seen in decades. By the end of the night, the parish priest has been found dead, in suspicious circumstances.For four teenage friends who were there, life will never be the same. But one of them carries a secret ...Years pass, loves come and go, and the lives of Tom, Conor, Tess and Nina diverge -- yet a bond that won't be broken silently holds.As the thirty-fifth anniversary of the death approaches, Conor, now a senior police officer, has reason to believe that Tom -- a prominent politician -- can help identify Father Galvin's killer. As his dilemma draws the four friends back together -- and lost love Nina back into the life of Tom -- all are forced to question their lives and to confront their differences.The Night of the Party is a page-turning novel that combines warmth, drama and an unforgettable twist.

NYPD Green

By Luke Waters
Luke Waters
'Luke Waters had more than 20 years on the job. What he saw, what he heard and what he did will make you sit up, stay up and keep reading - and that's only what he can tell you.' - Ed Conlon, Bestselling Author of Blue Blood.Finglas native Luke Waters dreamed of following his grandfather and brother into An Garda Siochana, until, as for so many other Irish men and women in the 1980s, America beckoned. But Luke never lost sight of his dream and, in spite of the hurdles he had to overcome, in August 1993 he joined the ranks of New York's finest.As Waters rose through the ranks to become a homicide detective in one of the toughest places in the world, The Bronx, he would see the best and the worst: the heroism of fellow detectives, the ravages of crack cocaine, and the terrible fallout of 9/11. NYPD Green is a no-holds-barred account of the people and the cases, but also an insight into the dark side of a job where corruption and bravery often go hand in hand. The story of an Irishman made good, of the American dream, NYPD Green also pays tribute to one of the hardest jobs there is.

Nowhere's Child

By Kari Rosvall, Naomi Linehan
Kari Rosvall, Naomi Linehan
Kari Rosvall's early life was shrouded in mystery until, at age 64, she received a letter through the post. In it was a photograph of herself as a young baby - the only one she had ever seen. This was the first step towards her discovery of the dark secret of her conception.Kari soon learned that she was a Lebensborn child, part of Hitler's 'Spring of Life' programme, which encouraged Nazi soldiers to have children with Scandinavian women in order to create an Aryan race. And so began a journey back to her roots: to Norway, where she was taken from her mother and sent to Germany in a crate to join the other Lebensborn children, and to post-war Germany and her eventual rescue by the Red Cross from an attic.Nowhere's Child is a remarkable story of reconciliation and of forging new beginnings from a dark past. Ultimately, for this woman who set up a new life in Ireland, it is the life-affirming account of what it really means to find a place called home.

Now That I've Found You

By Ciara Geraghty
Ciara Geraghty
Vinnie is an ordinary man. Ellen is an ordinary woman.Ellen is unable to move on after a terrible accident that left her mentally and physically scarred.Taxi driver Vinnie is struggling to cope with bringing up two children on his own.Everyone deserves to find that one person who's meant for them, don't they?Fall in love with the story of Vinnie and Ellen. Because ordinary lives can be extraordinary.

A Neutron Walks Into a Bar... Random Facts about Our Universe and Everything in It

Fun, quirky and informative, A Neutron Walks Into A Bar... is a collection of facts, definitions, explanations, biographies and jokes guaranteed to quench a thirst for knowledge, discovery and humour that's out of the ordinary.Did you know that water is the only thing found naturally on earth in each of the 3 states of matter?This book began its life as Science140, an exciting social media project co-ordinated by four Irish science communicators and enthusiasts including Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin presenter of RTE's The Science Squad, Maria Delaney, Humphrey Jones and Paul O'Dwyer. Since its launch on Twitter in the spring of 2012, thousands of tweets have been collected, each explaining a scientific principle, fact, joke or biography in 140 characters or less. The tweets collected are on a range of topics from astronomy to zoology, and have been compiled by science enthusiasts, educators, members of the public and celebrities from all over the world.Did you know that the Mississippi alligator can stay underwater for 6 hours?Neither a textbook nor a definitive guide to science, A Neutron Walks Into a Bar... is a fun way to learn new, interesting and unusual things about the world we live in!All royalties in aid of Cystic Fibrosis research.

No Reservations

By Fiona O'Brien
Fiona O'Brien
'You'll devour this in one sitting' Cathy KellyDOMINIC'S IS THE HOTTEST RESTAURANT IN TOWNAnd handsome owner Dom Coleman-Cappabianca quickly discovers that things are even steamier out of the kitchen ... For starters, beautiful Carla Berlusconi the Italian-American waitress is causing a stir and Dom's ice-blonde girlfriend Tanya wants her off her patch. While one of Dom's best customers, doctor PJ O'Sullivan still grives for his wife, sure that he will never find love again. But then he meets Charlotte Keating, the perfect wife, the perfect mother and now the perfectly behaved divorcee ... As the restaurant chases its first Michelin star, Dom is about to learn that when love is the dish of the day, it's a recipe for trouble.

Notes from the Margins

By Fergus Finlay
Fergus Finlay
'Many years of experience in politics, and nowadays in trying to help people to make lasting changes in their lives and the lives of their children, have taught me how hard people have to struggle when there is no one to listen to their story. In a country where powerful vested interests have a disproportionate role in the making of public policy, people without a voice are much more likely to live on the margins . . .'Throughout his life, Fergus Finlay has been a voice for people and groups who live on the edges of society. In over a decade of newspaper writings and radio columns, he has examined social inequity in Ireland in its many forms, never more passionately than when making arguing for the improved rights of children and struggling families. Always, he makes his case with keen insight, cogent argument and unfailing passion, as he casts a critical eye on the policy makers and powers that be who create a status quo which, in good times and bad, favours the 'haves' above the 'have nots'.Notes from the Margin is more than a selection of columns, it is a fascinating picture of a society that has undergone enormous change in a decade - and an imploring case for creating a future which avoids the pitfalls of accumulation as an end onto itself, and focuses on what truly matter - the equal rights of all citizens.'I've tried as hard as I can to use the platform I have to represent some kind of a voice for people who won't otherwise have any way to make their case.'

Nobody Heard Me Cry

By John Devane
John Devane
John Devane was six weeks old when his father died, leaving his mother poverty-stricken and struggling to raise seven children alone. Further tragedy followed when, less than a year later, his older brother was killed in a road accident. His despairing mother turned to drink, and John's childhood was a nightmare of neglect and beatings. At age eight, he was sexually abused for the first time, by a neighbour. Thus began a cycle of sexual abuse that lasted throughout his childhood, by numerous people from his community, including members of a tightly run Limerick paedophile ring. Later, still not yet a teenager, he was pimped on the Limerick docklands. By the time John was 15, he was suicidally depressed. Alcoholism and years in the wilderness ensued. However, against the odds, he made a remarkable new beginning, first by joining the army, then by returning to school and later entering university, where he qualified as a solicitor. He set up a busy practice and built a reputation for defending the criminals of Limerick when nobody else would. Then, one day, the unthinkable happened, when John received a call from police. A man was up on a charge of sexual abuse of a minor, and had requested John as his defence solicitor. Now John had a choice to make. Because this man had failed to recognise this successful lawyer as the young teenage he had abused many years before.This is the extraordinary story of a life almost destroyed by abuse, and the hard choices one man made in his fight to recover himself.

None of My Affair

By Fiona O'Brien
Fiona O'Brien
'Long lunches, hot evenings ... O'Brien never puts a foot wrong' Irish Independent IT'S THE WEDDING OF THE YEARSupermodel Ali Armstrong will tie the knot on board luxury knot Excalibur, surrounded by her closest friends and family.AND THE SCANDAL OF THE DECADEBut as the guests descend on Puerto Banus for the festivities, tensions and secrets rise to the surface.Will Ali's mother, Carrie, finally accept the end of her own marriage? Can her sister, Hope, forget her broken heart and learn to trust again? Will Jay see off the Russian temptress and hang on to her millionaire husband?When the sun sets on the azure waters of the Med, the privileged world of the Armstrongs is blown sky high...'Delicious ... full of warmth, glamour and excitment' Cathy Kelly

Notes for the Next Time

By Eirin Thompson
Eirin Thompson
Addled mother-of-three finds her identity buried under layers of clutter in her unkempt home. Dealing with the unrelenting demands of children, the ever-growing pile of laundry, dishes and post, she finds herself having to admit she's no longer able to cope. Enter her very own 'listening angel' - a supposed good Samaritan from the local charity set up to give support to 'Mums' under pressure. So why can't she get a word in edgeways? And why is her husband's mood suddenly so elevated - when a certain angel is hovering nearby? Thus unfolds a dark and hilarious journey into the wilds of suburbia, where unforgettable characters dwell and the unexpected is never far away. Told through diary-style musings, Notes for the Next Time explores the murky depths beneath the smooth surface of life in a hilarious, surprising and genuinely moving read. And what looks to be the final nail in the coffin of our mum-on-the-edge's ebbing sanity may actually provide the much-needed catalyst for change.

The Nation Holds Its Breath

By Eoghan Corry
Eoghan Corry
JACK CHARLTON; NIALL QUINN; JOHNNY GILES; GEORGE BEST; EAMON DUNPHY; LIAM BRADY; GEORGE HAMILTON; ROY KEANE; RAY HOUGHTON; PAUL MCGRATH; NORMAN WHITESIDE Ireland's soccer players may never have won the World Cup, but they have never been off the podium when it comes to the wit and eloquence of the banter that follows the game. In The Nation Holds Its Breath, Eoghan Corry celebrates the folklore of footlore, where the words of players, managers, referees, journalists and commentators are interspersed with the observations of some notable outsiders who have marvelled at the fact that, win or lose on the field, you will never beat the Irish.'I don't think some of the people who come to Old Trafford can spell football, never mind understand it.' ROY KEANE 'And Bonner has gone 165 minutes of these championships without conceding a goal. Oh danger here' GEORGE HAMILTON