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Knowing Me, Knowing You

By Brian Finnegan
Brian Finnegan
1983 - the summer of ABBA, first love and shared secrets for four teenage friends high on life and music. Over three decades on, when Maggie decides to reform the old crowd for an ABBA reunion concern in Stockholm, much has changed.Mother and wife Maggie is coping - alone - with life-shattering news. Daniel, once a major pop star, now a recluse, is reluctantly back in the limelight, and wants nothing more than to escape. Once-wild Dee is a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom, but her marriage tells a different story. And for Charlie, personal happiness has come at a heart-breaking price.As each is about to discover, old friends know you better than anyone. And sometimes, you have to reconnect with who you once were to find out who you can be, if you're just willing to take a chance...
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Keeping Mum

By Emma Hannigan
Emma Hannigan
A holiday is coming at just the right time for three mothers and their daughters . . .Mia hopes a week away with her youngest, Felicity, will bridge the gap she feels has grown since her only daughter left for college in Dublin.Meanwhile Ava is desperate to convince her newly-engaged daughter Daisy that her forthcoming nuptials are a huge mistake. But why is she so against the marriage?Greta has long accepted that she and her daughter Tally are very different people. The holiday was her husband's plan to bring mother and daughter together. But will a week in the sun be enough for them to work through their differences?As the mothers struggle to come to terms with their daughters growing up, they learn that loving someone means letting go - and always being there to pick up the pieces . . .
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