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A Force for Justice

By Michael Clifford
Michael Clifford
THE UPDATED BESTSELLERSergeant Maurice McCabe never set out to be a whistleblower. When, in 2008, he complained of shoddy investigations into serious crime in County Cavan, nothing could have prepared him for what was in store.For exposing gross incompetence and corruption within An Garda Síochána, he endured vilification, bullying and harassment by forces who wanted to bury him and his inconvenient truths. Worse still were the vicious rumours and falsehoods, which had a devastating effect on his whole family.Their painful journey to vindication was only completed in October 2018, with the publication of the Disclosures Tribunal report, which revealed how ex-Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan and Superintendent Dave Taylor had conducted a campaign of 'calumny' against 'an officer of exemplary character'. From the award-winning journalist who first broke the story, A Force for Justice is the definitive account of the greatest scandal ever to emerge from the Irish police force, and the personal price paid by Maurice McCabe in pursuit of his duty to serve the state.
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Fully Functioning Human (Almost)

By Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy
'I'm just a nitwit girl who's sort of stumbling through life learning that we all have our own roads to walk - but that it's still valuable, and rather lovely, to hear about other people's journeys...'Filled with honesty, wit and wisdom, Fully Functioning Human (Almost) - part memoir, part life guide - will show you the real Melanie Murphy: warm, fun, positive, honest, a girl who's got this whole adult thing down. Almost. Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy regularly chronicles the ups and downs of her life on her popular channel, discussing topics such as sexuality, skincare, social media and self-esteem. Now, in her first book, she looks with her trademark humour and down-to-earth honesty at the experiences that have shaped her.From learning how to manage her online life, to giving up on the idea of perfection, living with anxiety and the lessons she has learned about relationships, Mel shows us that difficult times can teach us the most about who we are, and by learning to value ourselves, we can overcome whatever life throws at us.
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Family Business

By Muriel Bolger
Muriel Bolger
Can a holiday change your life? A sparkling new novel about family, friendship and future plans from bestselling author Muriel Bolger.Young, clever and accomplished, Anne is fully committed to her career at her father's law practice - much to the delight of her parents and the not-so-hidden resentment of her younger sister Gabby. She doesn't have time to think of her dreams of art college, or, indeed, the lack of love in her life.Then Anne finds herself facing charismatic barrister Daniel Hassett in court. Equally ambitious, they seem to be the perfect match. But just as Anne and Daniel's relationship heats up, a series of shocking events force Anne to question what she really wants.Will an unexpected French inheritance be just the thing to help her decide a way forward - in law and in love? Or should she risk everything she's worked so hard for?
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Falling Softly

By Maria Duffy
Maria Duffy
There's more than one surprise in store this Christmas . . .A sparkling, heart-warming novel by bestselling author Maria Duffy about first love and second chances.Holly couldn't be happier.Christmas, her favourite time of year, is only seven weeks away and her boyfriend has just popped the question. So what if their life together could use a bit more excitement, or if her future mother-in-law is already interfering in their wedding plans - this is the future that Holly wants. Isn't it?Josh's future is all laid out too.He and girlfriend Stephanie are moving into their brand new home and, with a baby on the way, they're about to enter an exciting chapter of their lives together. But something isn't quite right, and Josh can't put his finger on what.As the festive season approaches, will Holly and Josh manage to push their doubts aside? Or will they find themselves wishing they were spending Christmas with someone else?
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Full On

By Ivan Yates
Ivan Yates
In Full On, ex-government minister, businessman and broadcaster Ivan Yates recounts a fascinating political and personal story. From his early days in Enniscorthy to his youthful entry into national politics - becoming the youngest member of the 22nd Dáil at just twenty-one years old - it describes his subsequent rise within Fine Gael and the John Bruton-led coalition government of the mid-1990s.With characteristic honesty, he paints a gritty, no-holds-barred picture of the ruthless realities - and characters - behind the spin of Irish political life, and how he played his part. He describes his time as Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and how, during the BSE crisis of the mid-1990s, he pushed himself to his physical and mental limits, before finally leaving politics behind in 2001 to pursue business.He recounts the ambitious rise of Celtic Bookmakers in the Tiger era, and the cost of its ultimate demise, leading to bankruptcy, with its heavy personal price.A gripping and utterly compelling read, Full On is a journey behind the scenes of not just one life but of a modern Ireland that has seen more than its share of highs and lows.
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Frisky Business

By Clodagh Murphy
Clodagh Murphy
A steamy encounter with a stranger at a fancy dress party seemed like a fun idea.But Romy had no idea how complicated her life was going to get...From the author of Some Girls Do, Frisky Business is sharp, sexy and full of heart.In the past year, Romy Fitzgerald has learned three valuable lessons.One: Never have sex at a party with a stranger dressed as Darth Vader.Two: Don't tell him things you've never told anyone else.Three: If you do, at least find out the stranger's name because you never know when you might need it ...Like nine months later when the baby arrives.While Romy is happy to raise Luke on her own, one day he'll need to know the truth about his father and Darth deserves to know he has a son. There's only one problem. Luke's father knows things about Romy's past she'd rather kept hidden - and finding him means she'll have to face the memories she's been running from.Romy's about to discover that when it comes to love and real life, secrets rarely stay hidden. But will she find her dark knight, or will she be left to raise Luke solo?
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The Forced Redundancy Film Club

By Brian Finnegan
Brian Finnegan
'A warm, touching, funny, sexy, romantic, thoroughly enjoyable, brilliantly-plotted page-turner ... a ray of sunshine' Hot PressFive colleagues. One dreadful day. And the biggest shock of her life for high-flying career girl Katherine Casey, who'd believed she was safe from the job losses coming to Qwertec Solutions.The mood is sombre as she and devastated ex-colleagues gather in the pub. But a few drinks later, with the discovery of a shared passion for the silver screen, things begin to look up. And the Forced Redundancy Film Club is born. Over a year, Katherine, along with office oddball Alice, stressed out mother-of-three Lisa, professional sorrow-drowner Martin and cheating-heart Jamie meet up each month to watch their favourite classic films.As they journey through Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Wizard of Oz, Brokeback Mountain and many others, each faces their own personal challenges: from negative-equity hell to heartache, loneliness, toddler-strife -- and the wrath of a certain bunny boiler. And each finds comfort in the one place where they're guaranteed a happy ending.But will the dreams they dare to dream every really come true? Only time will tell...
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A Family Scandal

By Zoe Miller
Zoe Miller
Their connection to a world-famous rock star puts three sisters in the unwelcome glare of the media spotlight - will the past finally bring them together, or tear them apart for good? A glamorous page-turner full of secrets and lies.It is twenty years since Zach Anderson mysteriously plunged to his death in a lake and now the Morgan sisters Ellie, Miranda and their half-sister Lucy, find themselves in the harsh glare of the media spotlight once more. Beautiful fashion designer Ellie flees Dublin for the anonymity of New York. She has spent her life trying to forget Zach Anderson and his relationship with her mother but she finds that however far you run, you can never escape the past.Meanwhile Miranda, desperate to spread her wings away from Zach's legacy and her sisters, reclaims her life in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.And in London, fashion model Lucy is full of unresolved questions about her father's death.When their mother falls seriously ill, the sisters are forced to return to Dublin. They must confront each other as well as their greatest fears. But what secrets are they hiding? Will their love for one another hold them together or tear them apart?
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Finding Mr Flood

By Ciara Geraghty
Ciara Geraghty
Dara Flood always says that the most interesting thing about her life happened before she was born.Thirteen days before she came into the world, her father walked up the road and never came back.Now Dara's life has a careful routine. She lives at home with her mother and sister Angel. She has pizza with friends every Wednesday, salsa class every Friday, and sees her boyfriend every Saturday. it's safe and that's the way she likes it.Then Angel gets desperately sick and Dara's ordered life falls apart. Neither she nor her mother is a compatible match for the kidney Angel needs. So Dara sets out to find the father who could be their last hope. But on the path to uncovering the truth about her father, Dara learns to let life - and love - in, sometimes you have to let go ...
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Flesh and Blood

By Nicola Tallant
Nicola Tallant
In Flesh and Blood, Sunday World Investigations Editor, Nicola Tallant looks at the rising phenomenon of murder-suicide in Ireland, at events which, while shocking in the extreme, happen in tight-knit communities, behind the closed doors of apparently loving homes. She takes us inside these houses of horror and pieces together what happened in seventeen prominent cases, including the horrific murder of four-year-old Deirdre Crowley, whose abductor father shot her dead so that her mother would never see her again; the case of Caitlin Innes, murdered after her Communion Day; the tragic McElhill children, torched to death by their own father; and the case of mother Sharon Grace who, in a state of extreme desperation, drove off a pier with her children in the car. It examines what warning signs, if any, were there before loving fathers and mothers turned killer in their own homes, and looks at the roles of the HSE, the Gardai and families and friends in the build up to these tragic events. Is it too easy to whitewash these crimes as those of the mentally ill? Or can jealousy tip the scales in an otherwise balanced mind? Are there common factors that link these cases? And what steps can be taken to ensure that warning signs are heeded in the future before tragedy strikes again?
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Faithful Place

By Tana French
Tana French
'Breathtaking -- an elaborately twisted ballad of class resentments, family burdens, regret and passion' The Washington Post'An author of exceptional talent and insight' Sunday Independent'In all your life, only a few moments matter. I was lucky. I got to see one of mine face to face, and recognise it for what it was.'The course of Frank Mackey's life is set by one defining moment when he was nineteen. The time his girlfriend, Rosie Daly, failed to turn up for their rendezvous in Faithful Place, failed to run away with him to London as planned.Frank never heard from, or of, her again.Twenty years on, Frank is still in Dublin, working as an undercover cop. He's cut all ties with his dysfunctional family. Until his sister calls to say that Rosie's suitcase has been found ...
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Falling Slowly

By Robert Fannin
Robert Fannin
When Desmond Doyle finds his girlfriend dead in the bath, having cut her wrists, he is devastated. But there are inconsistencies with how suicide wounds would be inflicted and he quickly comes under suspicion and is arrested for murder. Though soon released, Detective Inspector Harry Kneebone is convinced of Doyle's involvement.As they await the coroner's verdict, Doyle attempts some semblance of normality by returning to his job as curator for a new restaurant that will display original art. When he meets up with artist Gina Harding, he is deeply disturbed by paintings she has been strangely compelled to create in recent days. He recognises in them the likeness of his girlfriend's death scene. Can they shed light on Daphne's death, or is it all a bizarre coincidence?As Doyle's grip on what is real and unreal becomes increasingly uncertain, a chain of events unfold that lead him to doubt his own sanity. Falling Slowly is a compelling and fast-paced psychological drama that questions the nature of perception and experience, as one man struggles to uncover a dark truth.
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Follow Me Down to Dublin

By Deirdre Purcell
Deirdre Purcell
In the course of conversation, she learns how her birthplace is viewed and remembered by a host of  Dubliners - from broadcasters to shop workers recalling showband days; by the city's writers, actors, historians and, most tellingly,  her ordinary folk who, with wit and fondness, share far from ordinary reminiscences, Here are images of the clip-clop of Guinness drays, of thronged and opulent Corpus Christi processions, of penitential but sociable rounds of The Seven Churches on Holy Thursdays, of Jewish tailoring houses, of the gentle self-sufficiency of the Dublin Protestant - and of an intimate, impenetrable lingo spoken and understood only by those in the city's retail trade.In words and pictures, we learn about the closure of the fabled Frawley's of Thomas Street -  a hugely emotional event for the staff and its heartbroken customers - about the ballroom of romance in the Broadway Café in O'Connell Street, about the blowing up of Nelson's Pillar and the devastating fire in Power's Distillery,  about Moore Street then and now, about the spread of the city into the 'new Dublins' of Finglas, Crumlin and beyond. Dubliners featured include Dermot Bolger, Catherine Hogan, Peter Sheridan, Ronan Sheehan, Geraldine Plunkett, Aidan Mathews, Pat Liddy, Larry Gogan, Bernard Farrell, Deirdre McQuillan and Kevin Hough, all of whom agree that what makes the city special is the indomitable spirit of the Dubliner. Follow Me Down to Dublin is a book to be savoured by Dublin's natives, her 'blow-ins', and by all who have enjoyed even a passing acquaintance with Anna Livia and her court.

The Four Courts Murder

By Andrew Nugent
Andrew Nugent
A superbly entertaining and suspenseful debut crime novel from Irish Benedictine Monk Andrew Nugent.When a Dublin High Court judge is found dead - slumped in his chair, his neck snapped by a well aimed kick - many would say he got what he deserved.  But Inspector Denis Lennon and Sergeant Molly Power soon unearth a far more dangerous and complex case than simple revenge.  There's the handsome, fair-haired young man whose flights of fancy and secret liaisons lead them down many a dark alleyway; the judge with an unusual but lucrative hobby; the strange connection with a rural community; the good-looking Tae-Kwando teacher.  Elegant, charming and clever, Andrew Nugent deflates the pomposity of the law, the police force, and Irish rural mythology in a novel as ingenious as it is witty and compelling.
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By Ruth Gilligan
Ruth Gilligan
Pretty, popular, Eva is like any other sixteen-year-old. That is until her Dad dies and suddenly her whole world seems to be falling apart. The only person she can really talk to is Zac, the new guy in school, who somehow always seems to know the right thing to say. But cute, scruffy, guitar-mad, Zac has his own problems. To his buddies down the golf club, Zac's father is an all-round nice guy, but at home Zac and his mother see a different side. When Eva starts dating Killian Laine, resident rubgy hero, Zac realises that he feels more than just friendship for Eva, but can only watch from a distance as Eva and Killian become the new 'hot' couple in the gang.When Killian tries to pressure Eva into something she isn't ready for and she refuses to do what he wants, he soon shows his true colours. Eva quickly realises that true friends allow you to be yourself and that true love doesn't come with conditions  . . .
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False Intentions

By Arlene Hunt
Arlene Hunt
WHEN IT'S HARD TO ADVANCE In the dead of a Dublin night, James 'Kelpie' Kilburn struggles ashore with an enormous cocaine haul. Later, Ashley Naughton leaves Tempest, a city nightclub owned by lowlife Vinnie York, to return home. Both vanish from sight.Soon, notorious Dublin criminal Patrick York arrives from Holland to investigate his missing haul. The heat is on, particularly for his son Vinnie and for Patrick's long-time cohort Edward Naughton, father of Ashley.Rookie detectives Sarah Kenny and John Quigley are called in by the missing girl's mother. As fears grow for Ashley, they must piece together a dangerous puzzle - and try to avoid the flying bullets. Would Edward Naughton sacrifice his own daughter to keep ahead of a multimillion-euro industry? And why, just when they're getting somewhere, does their client call off the search?BUT HARDER STILL TO TURN BACK ... False Intentions is a fast-paced thriller that twists and turns to its startling conclusion.
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Family Feud: Gangland Limerick Exposed

By Anthony Galvin
Anthony Galvin
THIS IS THE STORY of how it all began. 1978 and a double-murder that Gardai could not solve - the murder no one saw. It was a busy evening in Kiely's Bar when two members of the McNamara clan attacked Anthony Kelly with knives. In the ensuing struggle he wrestled the knives from both assailants. When he walked from the bar he left two dead men, and a bitterness that prevails to this day.THIS IS THE STORY of what followed: Vicious interfamily feuding, coupled with a thriving drug trade and petty crime, giving the city a name for mindless violence - 'stab city', best seen through the rear-view mirror of your car.THIS IS THE STORY of the detectives who have tried to contain the problem. Over three decades the weapons seized have changed - Stanley knives have been replaced on the streets by AK47s, pump action shotguns, and grenades. THIS IS THE STORY of a gang leader who became an alderman on the city council and brought the attitude of the streets to the council chamber. Michael Kelly's sights were set on the Dail before a CAB investigation derailed his ambitions. He is currently appealing an eight-year prison sentence.THIS IS THE STORY of a city which waits in fear for reprisals following the latest killing. Everyone says they don't want revenge. Everyone knows that's not true. The feuds go on. This is the story of Limerick, it's gangs, the men who have tried to stop them, and the innocent people who have endured twenty five years of fear, thuggery and intimidation.