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By Sheila O'Flanagan
Sheila O'Flanagan
Destinations reveals the inside track on the lives of ordinary commuters, and uncovers the hidden links that lie beneath the surface of 'anonymous' city lives.Two eavesdropping passengers learn more than they bargained for; an office-party fling has unforeseen consequences; a suburban housewife is forced to face her estranged mother - and her thorny past; an office worker finds her commute to work livened up by the daily sightings of a handsome stranger; a hot date with the office stud gets off to a disastrous start ... is there light at the end of the tunnel?Destinations - tales that go the distance with you, from one of Ireland's best-loved storytellers.

Hot Property

By Sarah O'brien
Sarah O'brien
Some Monday mornings are trickier than others. Ellen Grace should know:1) A spontaneously combusted car2) A new boss who's an old lover3) An upright corpse to greet her at her first appointmentBut all chances of reasonable thought are eclipsed by the dual distractions of brooding stranger Tony Jordan and the perfect bum of new-boss-ex-lover Andrew. Murmurings of crime lords and dodgy dealings soar straight over the estate agent's head.Hot Property is an uproarious tale of love, lust . . . and the confusing bit in between.

Time And Destiny

By Patricia O'reilly
Patricia O'reilly
A story of 1920s Paris and 1970s New York - and a destiny screen that reveals the secrets of the past.Jack Devine, handsome, debonair antiques expert and New York jetsetter, is intrigued when he discovers that Yves Saint Laurent has paid a record sum at auction for a lacquer screen, 'Le Destin'. Who is this enigmatic Irish-born Eileen Gray, celebrated designer of 1920s Paris, now all but forgotten? Jack is astounded to discover that she is still alive, though in her nineties, and living a reclusive life in Paris. He determines to seek her out.Eileen's memory is awakened by Jack's probing, and she begins to relive her past, in all its glorious and painful detail - her artistic life, her passion for the modern age, her many affairs, her heartache at the hands Damia, the infamous singer. Wonderfully told, evoking the sights, sounds and characters of Paris in the roaring Twenties, Time and Destiny is an enthralling account of an extraordinary woman and time.And for Jack, as for Eileen, it is the beginning of a journey which uncovers hidden links to a past that neither could have imagined...

The Taoiseach

By Peter Cunningham
Peter Cunningham
In Ireland in the second half of the twentieth century, a corrupt circle of politicians and shadowy business figures control the levers of power.Lucrative property deals involving the sale of government assets are secretly financed by Middle Eastern oil dollars in exchange for Irish passports. Planning corruption is practised as a matter of course. Political donations are rewarded with access to offshore bank accounts as the ordinary people are forced to tighten their belts.At the heart of this web of deceit and intrigue is the Taoiseach, the Irish prime minister, Harry Messenger. A survivor of the political turmoil of the late 1960s, Messenger has now seized control and nothing is allowed stand in the way of his hold on power or his voracious lifestyle.THE TAOISEACH is a powerful story and top-notch political thriller, which shows modern Ireland as never before. But it is the people who provide the greatest fascination. Trapped in a spiral of ambition, greed and loyalty to one man, their all-too-fallible lives are a compelling insight into the Ireland of our time.To read this novel is to understand how it all happened. And why.

Family Feud: Gangland Limerick Exposed

By Anthony Galvin
Anthony Galvin
THIS IS THE STORY of how it all began. 1978 and a double-murder that Gardai could not solve - the murder no one saw. It was a busy evening in Kiely's Bar when two members of the McNamara clan attacked Anthony Kelly with knives. In the ensuing struggle he wrestled the knives from both assailants. When he walked from the bar he left two dead men, and a bitterness that prevails to this day.THIS IS THE STORY of what followed: Vicious interfamily feuding, coupled with a thriving drug trade and petty crime, giving the city a name for mindless violence - 'stab city', best seen through the rear-view mirror of your car.THIS IS THE STORY of the detectives who have tried to contain the problem. Over three decades the weapons seized have changed - Stanley knives have been replaced on the streets by AK47s, pump action shotguns, and grenades. THIS IS THE STORY of a gang leader who became an alderman on the city council and brought the attitude of the streets to the council chamber. Michael Kelly's sights were set on the Dail before a CAB investigation derailed his ambitions. He is currently appealing an eight-year prison sentence.THIS IS THE STORY of a city which waits in fear for reprisals following the latest killing. Everyone says they don't want revenge. Everyone knows that's not true. The feuds go on. This is the story of Limerick, it's gangs, the men who have tried to stop them, and the innocent people who have endured twenty five years of fear, thuggery and intimidation.

Accidental Pilgrim

By David Moore
David Moore
After one Silicon Valley project meeting too many, David Moore returned to Dublin with too much money to get a real job, and no idea what to do next.The Accidental Pilgrim follows the recovering dotcommer as he rides two thousand miles across Europe in pursuit of himself and the Celtic saint Columbanus - the Roy Keane of the early medieval Church. A bad-ass early Irish saint who wouldn't stand for such ephemeral notions as identity crises, if anyone could sort the craic-loving but well-mannered young man, Columbanus would.On the way to the saint's final resting place in Northern Italy, there are bee-stings in Malin Head, melting roads along the Loire, and instant celebrity in eastern France.A freewheeling traveller's tale with a dash of medieval history thrown in, The Accidental Pilgrim presents an unlikely double-act and a rewarding journey.

Vicious Circle

By Arlene Hunt
Arlene Hunt
Amanda Harrington is a Dublin prostitute, working independently with her friend Marna Galloway, in a rented apartment on Mount Street. They see themselves as a cut above, having put the world of pimps and violence behind them. But then they are busted and given a royal dressing down by a disapproving female judge - much harder to tolerate than the hefty fine incurred.And things soon take a serious turn for the worse. Sandy Walsh, a colleague, has been discovered brutally murdered in her apartment. Finding Amanda's mobile number on Sandy's coffee table, soon the detectives are back on her trail, hoping she can help with the investigation.Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, targeting prostitutes ... Amanda and Marna are about to discover just how vulnerable they are.Bringing this world to life as never before, Arlene Hunt's debut thriller is a riveting, authentic read from a remarkably fresh and distinctive new voice.

The Road to Croker

By Eamonn Sweeney
Eamonn Sweeney
In a hilarious and riveting account of the 2003 GAA season, award-winning writer Eamonn Sweeney recalls the highs and lows of a remarkable summer, and on the way describes why understanding GAA is central to understanding the Irish psyche.Includes interviews and anecdotes from players, managers, supporters and a host of weird and wonderful characters he meets along the way.The Road to Croker is set to become the GAA book for 2004.


By Neil Jordan
Neil Jordan
Nina Hardy has been murdered. She died in the house where she grew up, killed by George, her childhood friend. But her body is never found, and she remains, a silent shade, watching the events of her own afterlife.Her half-brother Gregory makes a pilgrimage home to bury her, after some thirty years away. There he finds Janie, George's sister and fourth member of their child-hood gang. Together they relive their shared history, as they struggle to make sense of Nina's death, and the people they all became.This is a story of imaginary friends and hayrides, of plays and school dances, of a seemingly idyllic child-hood in a new 'Mozambique', the mudflats of the river Boyne. But the outside world cannot be kept at bay, and the fragile balance of their friendships is soon interrupted. Ultimately they will be torn apart by the outbreak of war, brought together again only to find that each has changed almost beyond recognition.Shade is at once an unforgettable portrait of childhood, a powerful story of love in its many forms, and a moving tragedy of lost innocence. Written with astonishing insight and perception, it confirms Neil Jordan as one of the most mesmerizing voices in contemporary fiction.

The Virgo Club

By Suzanne Power
Suzanne Power
Meet the Virgo Club, four tight-knit thirty-something friends who share the ups and downs of life twice a month at Angelo's Italian. HELEN - ER doctor and mother of three. More comfortable with her patients than with her kids. Has reason to believe that her once devoted husband Euan may be cheating on her.DETTE - once Bernadette Bender, now Dette Morgan, fashion journalist extraordinaire and party animal. Hasn't eaten in years. Prefers toy boys to mature types.CATRIONA - Ex-actress turned mother of four. Now her main rival is her au pair, for the part of wife and mother. RORIE - stage manager who should be a director. Her failed playwright live-in partner has a wife and kids elsewhere. Rorie's taboo subject: asking her why she puts up with him.Each woman has a reason to test her man's fidelity. And when the Virgo Club hatches an elaborate and meticulous plan - with true Virgoan finesse - they discover that rivalries exist in even the closest of friendships. Soon it's not just their lovers they're putting to the test...


By Sarah O'brien
Sarah O'brien
Ellen Grace's future has 'Sale Agreed' stamped all over it. At 28, she is senior auctioneer with Gladstone and Richards. Lover Andrew is poised to ask THE question and she seems ready and willing to take the final plunge into marital bliss. But mayhem seems to have a nasty habit of sneaking up on Ellen and it only takes one small thing to happen and suddenly everything is up for grabs including Ellen's heart. And lurking is an evil force that makes the criminals that Ellen is aware of look like members of the Legion of Mary. Suddenly, in Ellen's world, nothing is as it seems and all hell is about to break loose...

The Arrival of Fergal Flynn

By Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy
For sixteen-year-old Fergal Flynn, growing up in 1980s Belfast isn't easy. His father and brothers despise him; he's his mother's favourite one day, her punching bag the next; he has no idea what he wants to do with his life; and he fancies one of the boys in his class... Fergal just wants to belong - but knows he never will.When handsome young Father Mac arrives in the parish, Fergal embarks on a whirlwind journey towards a new life. As their relationship deepens, he discovers his sexuality, his talent for singing and the wonderful, terrifying opportunities the world has to offer.Funny, tender and unflinching, The Arrival of Fergal Flynn is the story of a young man struggling to find his voice against all the odds.

Don't Wake Me At Doyles

By Maura Murphy
Maura Murphy
In a fearless and honest memoir, an ordinary Irish woman recounts an extraordinary life. Born 'chronically ugly and cross as a briar' into a poor rural homestead in 1920s Ireland, Maura Murphy left school at 14 and arrived in Dublin where she worked in service until she married. Later, poverty-stricken and with five young children, the family left Ireland for Birmingham of the 1950s, where they hoped to find a better life.At 75 years old, recovering from cancer and having left her marriage of 50 years, Maura Murphy told her story, from her early days running wild in the Irish countryside, to her destructive marriage to a hard-working, hard-drinking womaniser, the birth of her nine children, and a life-or-death choice that would change her forever. Hers is a story that will resonate with Irish and English alike, her voice the voice of a forgotten generation. Told with biting wit, DON'T WAKE ME AT DOYLES contains all the explosive power of ANGELA'S ASHES - told by Angela.