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Talking to Strangers

By Michael Harding
Michael Harding
'Harding writes like an angel' Sunday TimesTalking to Strangers, from the No.1 bestselling author of Staring at Lakes, Hanging with the Elephant and On Tuesdays I'm a Buddhist is a book about love, about the stories we share with others, and the stories we leave behind us.Too much wine and a casual browse of an airline website - this is how Michael Harding found himself in a strange flat in Bucharest in early January, which set the tone for the rest of that year.After an intense stint in a high-profile production of The Field, Harding returned to the tranquil hills above Lough Allen and started to plan some dramatic changes to his little cottage. Surely an extension would give him a renewed sense of purpose in life as he approached old age.But as the walls of his home crumbled, so too did his mental health, and he fell, once again, into depression -- that great darkness where life feels like nothing more than a waste of time.And yet, it is in that great darkness that we discover what really makes us human.'Michael Harding is no ordinary man or memoirist ... a book that champions the kindness (or at least company) of strangers as essential for that elusive state known as happiness' RTÉ Guide

The Trespasser

By Tana French
Tana French
The case that will make Detective Antoinette Conway's murder squad career. Or break it.There's the murder squad you set your sights on, back at the beginning of your career: the one where you're playing knife-edge mind-games with psychopathic geniuses. And there's the one you actually work on. The night shifts. The vicious pranks that go too far. Sifting the dregs for the case that might just be special.Tonight's case isn't it. Uniforms call it in as a slam-dunk domestic. Except when Conway takes a good look at the victim's face, she realises she's seen her somewhere before. And she knows there's a different answer. And it takes her breath away.This is the case she imagined. Precision-cut and savage, lithe and momentous.

This is Now

By Ciara Geraghty
Ciara Geraghty
An ordinary day. An ordinary bank. An ordinary street in an ordinary town. Nothing ever happens, until, one day, a shocking robbery turns life upside down for five people. Honest and wise, poignant and warm, this is completely absorbing storytelling for fans of Marian Keyes and Jojo Moyes.Afterwards . . .The first thing Martha thinks about is having a drink. There are six reasons why she shouldn't; she wrote them down over a year ago. Two of the reasons are the same. A name. Of someone she didn't think she'd ever see again.Roman, a fourteen-year-old Polish immigrant, is on the run. From the police. From Jimmy and his gang. He understands now, what it means to be caught between a rock and a hard place.Tobias, old and alone, lies in a hospital bed in Dublin where the memories in Dresden are insistent visitors.And for Cillian, a police detective, the past is like a current, pulling him back, reminding him of all he'd had. All he'd lost.Each of the four is running from the moments that brought them here. To a place where the past cannot be undone and the future cannot be known.A place called now.

Time Pieces

By John Banville, Paul Joyce
John Banville, Paul Joyce
'If you're interested in Dublin, or if you're interested in the novelist John Banville, or if you're interested in radiantly superb sentences about whatever - I'm all three - then Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir is a book you'll not be able to put down' The Guardian'A trove of arresting imagery, from the lushly poetic to the luridly absurd ... utterly delightful' Irish Times'Delicious ... Banville's soarings, like a hawk's, are both wild and comprehensive, taking in everything and imagining more' New York TimesFor the young John Banville, Dublin was a place of enchantment and yearning. Each year, on his birthday - the 8th of December, Feast of the Immaculate Conception - he and his mother would journey by train to the capital city, passing frosted pink fields at dawn, to arrive at Westland Row and the beginning of a day's adventures that included much-anticipated trips to Clery's and the Palm Beach ice-cream parlour. The aspiring writer first came to live in the city when he was eighteen. In a once grand but now dilapidated flat in Upper Mount Street, he wrote and dreamed and hoped. It was a cold time, for society and for the individual - one the writer would later explore through the famed Benjamin Black protagonist Quirke - but underneath the seeming permafrost a thaw was setting in, and Ireland was beginning to change.Alternating between vignettes of Banville's own past, and present-day historical explorations of the city, Time Pieces is a vivid evocation of childhood and memory - that 'bright abyss' in which 'time's alchemy works' - and a tender and powerful ode to a formative time and place for the artist as a young man. Accompanied by images of the city by photographer Paul Joyce.

Taking Heaven Lightly

By Roisin Fitzpatrick
Roisin Fitzpatrick
'The day after my 35th birthday, I had a near death experience, caused by a sudden brain haemorrhage. Ironically, this brush with death became the conduit for the most powerful healing in my life. I connected to an eternal light which, I came to realise, is available to us all should we choose it. My wish for you in reading this book is to feel this loving light, peace and joy in your life now. The question is: how brightly do you wish to shine?'Roisin FitzpatrickIn this ground-breaking book, Roisin Fitzpatrick takes the reader on the remarkable journey of her near death experience, and shares how we can all integrate the light and love of the afterlife into our daily existence.In doing so, she lends fresh insight into our ancient Irish myths and stone monuments, connecting our past, present and future to this powerful eternal light.Taking Heaven Lightly is a book to be cherished by all those who wish to embrace and enjoy a meaningful life.'A brilliant book with an unforgettable message' Dr Chrisine Ranck, co-author of the bestselling Ignite the Genius Within

That Day in June

By Martina Reilly
Martina Reilly
Eight years ago, Sandy ran away from home, and has done her best never to look back. Now, the best part of her day is a morning visit from Max, a handsome and successful businessman, who's always ready with a smile. So when he suddenly disappears from her life, Sandy is worried. What has happened to him? And why did he act so strangely the last time they spoke?As Sandy tries to track Max down, she begins to realise how little she really knows about him - his family, his job, or why his life has started to fall apart.And when she finds him, she comes to understand that they have more in common than she'd ever thought possible. Will they learn to trust each other with the secrets they've kept hidden, and finally move on?

Two Fridays in April: From the Number One Bestselling Author

By Roisin Meaney
Roisin Meaney
Reading Roisin Meaney's novels is like 'sitting down with a good friend over a cup of tea' (Irish Mail on Sunday)It's Una Darling's seventeenth birthday, but nobody feels much like celebrating. It's been exactly a year since the tragic death of her father Finn, and the people he left behind have been doing their best to get on with things. But it hasn't been easy.Daphne is tired of sadness, of mourning the long life she and her husband were meant to share, but doesn't quite know how to get past it. And she can't seem to get through to her stepdaughter -- they barely speak anymore, so Daphne knows nothing of the unexpected solace Una has found, or of the risk she's about to take.When Una fails to appear for a birthday tea with her family, Daphne suddenly realises how large the distance between them has grown. Will she be given the chance to make things right?Roisin Meaney's new novel The Anniversary is now available for pre-order.

Things I Want You to Know

By Martina Reilly
Martina Reilly
A poignant, heartwarming novel of love, loss and hope for the future, for fans of Me Before You.How do you pick up the pieces after the worst has happened? When Nick Deegan's wife, Kate, dies, leaving him with two small children to raise alone, he has no idea how he'll manage. But on the day of her funeral, he discovers a book Kate left for him, Things I Want You to Know. Her instructions for raising Emma and Liam without her give him comfort, but her other plans for him seem much more daunting...Five dates with five different women. Nick isn't sure his heart is in it...but as he tries to follow Kate's careful instructions, he slowly realises that it's not romance Kate wanted him to find, but something far more important. Will Nick find the courage to take a second chance?

The Thriving Family: How to Achieve Lasting Home-Life Harmony for You and Your Children

By David Coleman
David Coleman
Every parent's goal is to raise happy, healthy children who can thrive and flourish whatever the challenges faced along the way. In The Thriving Family, leading psychologist David Coleman shares his unique vision to show us how.Outlining his core principles of 'kind but firm' parenting, he reveals how powerful tools such as empathy, positive reinforcement and setting successful boundaries can lead to a loving, supportive and calm home environment that allows every member to thrive.Drawing from his vast experience working with families, he looks at new ways to approach common issues, including adapting to parenthood; dealing with bullying, drugs and alcohol; creating healthy social networks online and in real life; dealing with separation and loss; enhancing sibling harmony and reducing rivalry; thriving when your children move on.Whatever the situation or challenge, The Thriving Family empowers parents to create the best future for their children, and encourages children to step into it with joy and confidence.

This is Rugby

By George Hook
George Hook
'Even in those early days, I resolved not to be a fan but to be an analyst' George HookWho is the greatest Irish rugby player of all time? What was the best Irish Grand Slam team? Who are the game's greatest rivals?In This is Rugby, well-known rugby commentator George Hook answers these questions and more and, in conversation with RTÉ's Hugh Cahill, debates some of rugby's greatest players, teams, moments and matches.From the World Cups, to the merits of the Lions tour, club rugby and the future of the game, This is Rugby is jam-packed with iconic photographs, memories, commentary and analysis, making this an essential book for rugby lovers everywhere.

Triggs: The Autobiography of Roy Keane's dog

By Triggs
Roy Keane was the most controversial footballer of his generation. And the most influential. He captained Manchester United during an era in which they dominated English football. He made friends. He made enemies. He walked out of a World Cup and divided a nation. And his beloved Labrador Retriever Triggs was at his side through it all. Their walks became the stuff of 24-hour, rolling news legend. Now, in the most eagerly awaited football memoir of the decade, Triggs finally reveals the part she played in the extraordinary drama of her master's life.

The Terrace

By Maria Duffy
Maria Duffy
A missing lottery ticket throws a once closeknit community into chaos, and leads everyone to wonder: how well can you ever know your neighbours?St Enda's Terrace, nestled in the heart of Dublin city, is like any other closeknit community - there's the newly-weds planning on having a baby; the single mother raising her children on her own; the upwardly mobile couple who bought in the height of the boom, and the long-timers to whom everyone goes for advice.But behind every closed door, there are secrets. And when the street syndicate wins the national lottery, but the ticket is nowhere to be found, these neighbours are about to discover just how much has been kept hidden...As friendships and relationships are put to the test in the search for the missing ticket, the residents of St Enda's learn that, while good times might come and go, good friends are forever.

Talk to the Headscarf

By Emma Hannigan
Emma Hannigan
Emma Hannigan was thirty-two and married with two small children when she found out that she had an 85 per cent chance of developing cancer.Over the following year she had a double mastectomy and both ovaries removed, reducing her cancer risk to five per cent.But then her worst fears were realised.Cancer struck anyway.Talk to the Headscarf is the story of how she lived, laughed and overcame some of the toughest times in her life.Emma has now battled cancer eight times. In this inspirational account, she shares with us the highs and lows of her astounding story and shows us that, against the odds, life can and does carry on.

The Things We Do For Love

By Roisin Meaney
Roisin Meaney
For fans of Maeve Binchy and Sheila O'Flanagan, 'this is a feelgood book you won't be able to put down' (Irish Independent)One crisp September evening art teacher Audrey Matthews sits alone in room six at Carrickbawn Senior College, wondering if anyone is going to sign up for her Life Drawing for Beginners class.By eight o'clock six people have arrived. Six strangers who will spend two hours together every week until Halloween, learning the fine art of life drawing.Nobody could have predicted on that cold autumn day the profound effect the class would have on its students and their lives.Least of all Audrey, the biggest beginner of all, who is to discover that once you keep an open mind, life - and love - can throw up more than a few surprises ...

Tears of God

By Christy Kenneally
Christy Kenneally
Fr Michael Flaherty returned to the Island to hide from the world, knowing that those he loves are in danger just because he is alive.But try as he might, he can't escape his past - and, soon, a phone call in the night makes him realise that he has to face his enemy one final time to rid himself of the evil that threatens everything - and everyone - he holds dear.He finds himself in the middle of Jerusalem and in the middle of a fight for the greatest resource the city has - water. As the leaders of the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews argue over which of them owns the vast underground lake beneath the city, those at ground level are involved in a much more simple argument - who should live and who should die?As Michael struggles with his own salvation will he know who to trust and who to destroy?

Tell Me Your Secret

By Deirdre Purcell
Deirdre Purcell
An evocative and dramatic novel told in the voices of two narrators: Violet, who in 1944 is imprisoned in the tower of a rambling country house by her family; and Claudine, a modern-day property negotiator who becomes involved in handling the sale of the derelict Whitecliff in 2004. Violet's story is of young innocent love for a local lad taking an unfortunate twist, while Claudine is a thoroughly twenty-first-century character: daughter of a loving father with a less loving stepmother, she marries in haste after her father's death, and is at a turning point in her life when she starts to find out the true story of Violet. Is happiness a possibility for these women in their separate and very different worlds?

The Taoiseach

By Peter Cunningham
Peter Cunningham
In Ireland in the second half of the twentieth century, a corrupt circle of politicians and shadowy business figures control the levers of power.Lucrative property deals involving the sale of government assets are secretly financed by Middle Eastern oil dollars in exchange for Irish passports. Planning corruption is practised as a matter of course. Political donations are rewarded with access to offshore bank accounts as the ordinary people are forced to tighten their belts. At the heart of this web of deceit and intrigue is the Taoiseach, the Irish prime minister, Harry Messenger. A survivor of the political turmoil of the late 1960s, Messenger has now seized control and nothing is allowed stand in the way of his hold on power or his voracious lifestyle.THE TAOISEACH is a powerful story and top-notch political thriller, which shows modern Ireland as never before. But it is the people who provide the greatest fascination. Trapped in a spiral of ambition, greed and loyalty to one man, their all-too-fallible lives are a compelling insight into the Ireland of our time.To read this novel is to understand how it all happened. And why.

Time And Destiny

By Patricia O'reilly
Patricia O'reilly
A story of 1920s Paris and 1970s New York - and a destiny screen that reveals the secrets of the past.Jack Devine, handsome, debonair antiques expert and New York jetsetter, is intrigued when he discovers that Yves Saint Laurent has paid a record sum at auction for a lacquer screen, 'Le Destin'. Who is this enigmatic Irish-born Eileen Gray, celebrated designer of 1920s Paris, now all but forgotten? Jack is astounded to discover that she is still alive, though in her nineties, and living a reclusive life in Paris. He determines to seek her out.Eileen's memory is awakened by Jack's probing, and she begins to relive her past, in all its glorious and painful detail - her artistic life, her passion for the modern age, her many affairs, her heartache at the hands Damia, the infamous singer. Wonderfully told, evoking the sights, sounds and characters of Paris in the roaring Twenties, Time and Destiny is an enthralling account of an extraordinary woman and time.And for Jack, as for Eileen, it is the beginning of a journey which uncovers hidden links to a past that neither could have imagined...