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Giving Out Yards

By Tara Flynn
Tara Flynn
In Giving Out Yards, Tara Flynn puts paid to the long-debated question of what makes us Irish, nailing it in one collective and hilarious grumble-fest. Her razor-sharp wit and keen analysis of those topics that bring us out in a rash - and running to the phone/laptop/neighbour for a healthy dose of spleen-venting - leaves no moan unturned.Strictly non-solutions-based (if we found those, what on earth would we give out about?), here you'll find plenty of advice on how best to milk your grievances, with handy lists and tips, and a cast of characters including Tom the Taxi Driver, Mairead Who Loves the Sound of Her Own Voice and Ciaran the Keyboard Warrior.If you can't beat them - 'That shower in the Dail', 'the other shower', the Angelus bongs, cyclists, potholes, the three Ds (drips, drink and drugs), criminals of all collar-hue, to name but a few - then you might as well knock the craic out of them. So look no further: the whine-line is open ...
  • The Game Changer

    By Louise Phillips
    Louise Phillips
    A suspected suicide in Dublin. A brutal murder in New York. The abduction of a child over two decades earlier. All linked ... but how?Criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson has the answer. Because she was the young girl abducted all those years ago.And, when she begins to investigate the suspicious suicide in Dublin and confirms a connection to her own disappearance, she is forced to start asking questions. Why did her parents lie to her, telling her she was missing for only a few hours? And why doesn't she have any memory of the time she was held?When a sinister note arrives at her home, it becomes clear that Kate is being targeted. But by whom? And why now? Kate is consumed by her efforts to uncover the truth, knowing that her life is in very real danger.The Game Changer wants someone to pay for the past - and Kate is being held accountable.

    Growing Up So High

    By Sean O'Connor
    Sean O'Connor
    Seán O'Connor was born in Francis Street, in the Liberties of Dublin, a neighbourhood famous over the centuries for the sturdy independence of its people.Now, in this evocative and affectionate book, he recollects the unique and colourful district of his childhood: the neighbours who lived there, their traditions, talk and lore, the music and poetry of the laneways and markets.Remembrances of the 1940s classroom, of bird-watching in Phoenix Park, of roaming towards adolescence in the streets of his ancestors are mingled with tales of ancient ghosts and the coming of change to the Liberties.O'Connor, father of the novelist Joseph, tells his story with honesty, warmth and style, and the often wry wit of his home-place. This tenderly written testament of one Liberties boy builds into a vivid and heart-warming picture of his own extended family as part of a proud community and its all-but-vanished way of life.

    The Great and the Good

    By John Giles
    John Giles
    In The Great and the Good, Ireland's leading football pundit and legend of the game John Giles looks back on more than fifty years of football, at developments in the game from the post-War period to the present day, the great players who drove it forward, the visionary managers and their teams, and the age-old question of what makes a player good and what makes one great.From his earliest days, John Giles can recall pondering the subject. 'You'd hear about certain 'great' players, such as Stanley Matthews, but no one would ever explain why they were great. And it's a thing that has always frustrated me: trying to define what makes a player great, and what separates the great from the good.'Now the man himself brings us the answers and celebrates the great ones, from Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, Dave Mackay, John Charles, Johnny Haynes and Jimmy Greaves to Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, John Robertson, Diego Maradona, Marco van Basten, Lionel Messi, Paul Scholes and many more. It will include a section on Irish players including detailed analysis of such greats as Roy Keane, Liam Brady and Paul McGrath. And, finally, Giles names the player he considers the greatest of them all.

    Ghost Town

    By Michael Clifford
    Michael Clifford
    A Dublin gangland king pin on the chase. A corrupt property mogul on the run. A hungry crime journalist determined to put his destroyed career back on track. And the return of the 'Dancer' - Joshua Molloy, smalltime Dublin ex-con, recently out of prison, off the booze, determined to stay on the straight and narrow.When Molloy hires Noelle Higgins, a solicitor and boomtime wife with a crumbling personal life, to help find his young son both are soon drawn into a web of treachery and violence, where Ireland's criminal underworld and fallen elite fight it out to lay claim to what's left from the crash: Euro 3 million in cash, in a bag, buried somewhere in the depths of rural Ireland.From Dublin to Spain and finally a debris-strewn ghost estate in Kerry, Ghost Town is the fast-paced and tightly written debut thriller by leading Irish journalist and commentator Michael Clifford.

    Girl in a Spin

    By Clodagh Murphy
    Clodagh Murphy
    She's a party girl. He's a Party Leader. Things are about to get complicated.Jenny Hannigan might be a good-time party girl but all she secretly craves is a life of domestic bliss and solid respectability - worlds away from her troubled upbringing back home in Ireland.So when she crashes into the arms of Richard Allam - the young, handsome, recently separated politician hotly tipped to lead his party to victory in the upcoming election - she thinks she's found exactly what she is looking for.But Jenny isn't exactly politician's-wife material so Richard recruits the intensely private, charismatic publicist Dev Tennant to 'spin' Jenny to the Party . . . and the public.As the election gathers momentum, it turns out that Jenny has more than one skeleton in her closet and Dev is working overtime to try to keep them there.And suddenly Jenny isn't sure what she wants anymore ...

    Guilty Secrets

    By Zoe Miller
    Zoe Miller
    A wedding planner, a bestselling novelist and a high-flying headhunter: three women with one thing in common - the past. When Sam Ryan walks back into their lives, Abby, Lia and Paula discover that the secrets they fought to hide now threaten to destroy them.Abby Lacey is now unrecognisible as the wild, tempestuous girl who left Dublin all those years ago to travel the world. Based in Sorrento, she plans fairytale Italian weddings. But only she knows the real reason why she abandoned her travels so abruptly...Lia Lacey, now a glamorous, bestselling novelist, bears no resemblance to the struggling single-mother of her past. Mixing among the glitterati of London's literary crowd, she too has vowed never to return home. But as her troubled daughter, Abby, grows more distant, Lia realises that in order to help her, she must face the one thing she has been running from.Paula Stevens, owner of Dublin's most elite recruitment company, has come a long way from the shy, studious girl of her youth. But can she find the courage to be true to herself?

    The Green Marine

    By Neil Fetherstonhaugh, Graham Dale
    Neil Fetherstonhaugh, Graham Dale
    Dubliner Graham Dale, an IT specialist living in Texas, was working as a volunteer with a fire department when he heard that an airplane had hit the World Trade Centre in New York. As the tragic events unfolded before his eyes, he suddenly realised that he could no longer remain a spectator in the face of this appalling atrocity. There and then he made a decision that was to affect the rest of his life; he drove to the nearest Military Recruitment Centre and enlisted in the US Marines.After surviving months of 'constant mental and physical torture' in the notoriously tough 'Marine Boot Camp' in San Diego, he joined the ranks of one of the most elite branches of the United States military and two years later found himself patrolling the dangerous wastes of the western desert in war-torn Iraq. Throughout his deployment in Iraq, Dale kept a daily journal to give us an astonishing, true account of one man's fight in the frontline of America's 'War on Terror'. Told with brutal honesty, he gives us a unique and rare insight from an Irishman, fighting for a foreign military in a very foreign land.

    Green Devils

    When an Irish immigrant priest helped found the Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club in 1878, he began a link between the Irish and the club that would become Manchester United that endures to this day. In Green Devils, Irish Times journalist Mary Hannigan looks back at this closest of connections and at all the Irish players who have played for the club, providing profiles of all the great players including Paul McGrath, George Best, Johnny Giles, Liam Miller and Kevin Moran and also of those who are not so well known. There are accounts of the highs of winning the Triple in 1999 to the lows of near bankruptcy and the heartbreak of the Munich disaster.What emerges is a fascinating look at how the worlds favourite soccer club has changed, from its amateur origins in Newton Heath to the multimillion pound industry it is today and how the Irish are integral both on and off the pitch to the clubs success.Heavily illustrated, Green Devils is a must read for all fans.

    GAA Confidential

    By Darragh Mcmanus
    Darragh Mcmanus
    'If I had to choose between Ireland winning the World Cup and my county winning a provincial title, I'd choose the latter any time'So begins Darragh McManus's accessible, witty, original and observant look at the GAA. We've had books written by pundits and experts, from players, managers and commentators. Now, for possibly the first time, we have a Gaelic games book written by a card-carrying, grass-roots fan of anything and everything GAA. In this humorous, deprecating, Nick Hornby-esque account, McManus takes a look at the GAA; the history, the haircuts, the personalities and the defining moments, from Offaly's Seamus Darby who buried the ball in the Kerry net in the last 60 seconds of the 1982 All-Ireland, to the abolition of Rule 42. He looks at how it's structured and organized, and what makes the Gaelic Athletic Association one of the most successful and vibrant sports bodies in the world. In short, snappy, easily digestible sections, McManus waxes lyrical on how socially, culturally, historically, even philosophically, the GAA is the soul of the Irish nation; and how Gaelic games have yet to take their rightful place on the silver screen - We must look forward to that glorious moment when an Irish director, on scooping the Academy Award for Best Film, leaps on stage, hits Billy Crystal a clatter, grabs the mike and roars, 'A chairde gael! Tá an athas orm an Oscar seo a glacadh ar son an scannan - Cáman Everybody: the Secret Hurling Life of Buddy Holly' This quirky, intelligent labour of love will be bought by GAA fans and players... but will be read by everyone.

    A Girl Thing

    By Sarah O'brien
    Sarah O'brien
    Jamie Ryan, willowy 6' Fab Radio DJ, is more confident predicting scores than scoring, and when it comes to girlish pursuits she prefers to kick to touch. But when suave and sophisticated Steve Lowe joins the team at Fab City, Jamie's interest in the secrets of 'girl-land' is suddenly aroused. She enlists the help of Sophie, friend, boss and resident expert at all things girlie. Who knows, it might even help take her mind off her beloved brother's strange disappearance some 18 months earlier. Then Jamie thinks she sees her brother in the park, and hires a private detective to find him. As a succession of chaotic events unfold - made all the more trying by the steadfast, annoying presence of arrogant Bill Hehir, best friend to her missing brother - Jamie learns that there are some secrets even more elusive than how to walk in high heels, and that the perfect disguise does not always come in a make-up bag . . .

    GAA The Glory Years

    By Ronnie Bellew
    Ronnie Bellew
    During the past fifteen years, the GAA has gone through a renaissance. Despite the rising popularity of other sports, it has revolutionised itself to take centre stage in the Irish sporting arena, enjoying greater support and loyalty than ever before. It’s been an era of high drama and constant change. Dublin and Meath fought out the greatest saga in football history. Ulster football came back to the fore, culminating in the triumphs of Armagh and Tyrone. In hurling, Clare, Wexford and Galway claimed All-Irelands while Cork and Kilkenny battled for renewed supremacy. There’s been the amazing development Croke Park and record-breaking attendances. Sean Boylan, Mick O’Dwyer, Ger Loughnane, John O’Mahoney and Paidí o Se have personified the cult of the manager whilst ‘Jayo-mania’ has heralded the era of the GAA superstar. Along with back-door champions, strikes and revolts and the advent of player power, the events of these fifteen years have been fascinating. In GAA The Glory Years, Ronnie Bellew tells the story of this remarkable era – the breakthroughs, the controversies, the personalities and the events, on and off the field, that have seen the GAA reinvent itself to become the hottest ticket in town.

    The GAA Book of Lists

    By Eoghan Corry
    Eoghan Corry
    Can you name the ten phrases only used by GAA writers? Or ten GAA competitions that no longer exist? How about ten GAA players that have been to the Olympics?Do you know who plays at Micheal Fay Park? Or which ground is most northerly? Can you name the great hurlers who never won an All-Ireland? Or the two counties that have never won anything in football?In The GAA Book of Lists, Eoghan Corry trawls the archives to find the bizarre, amazing and the ridiculous, bringing together the things you never knew about Ireland's national sports.Using lists and facts and giving all the details, this is a must for all GAA fans.

    God and the Referee: Unforgettable GAA Quotations

    By Eoghan Corry
    Eoghan Corry
    In God and the Referee, Eoghan Corry takes the most memorable words written or spoken about the GAA and amasses them into a treasury of the great and the good.Grouped into twenty-five sections, God and the Referee covers the full expanse of the GAA from players and coaches, journalists and commentators, balladeers and mentors - and from the many hurlers on the ditch who know the game better than anyone.This collection of over 1,000 of the most memorable GAA quotations will amuse and absorb readers, collecting together the unforgettable, outstanding, brilliant words of those GAA greats who have enlivened and brightened Ireland's national sports.


    By Sarah O'brien
    Sarah O'brien
    Ellen Grace's future has 'Sale Agreed' stamped all over it. At 28, she is senior auctioneer with Gladstone and Richards. Lover Andrew is poised to ask THE question and she seems ready and willing to take the final plunge into marital bliss. But mayhem seems to have a nasty habit of sneaking up on Ellen and it only takes one small thing to happen and suddenly everything is up for grabs including Ellen's heart. And lurking is an evil force that makes the criminals that Ellen is aware of look like members of the Legion of Mary. Suddenly, in Ellen's world, nothing is as it seems and all hell is about to break loose...