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Following a brain haemorrhage and NDE, Róisín Fitzpatrick turned this adversity into a positive life change. Integrating her passion for sharing the beauty of the eternal light with her business skills from her former career, she has become an internationally successful artist. Róisín lives in Co. Wicklow. Taking Heaven Lightly is her first book.

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Taking Heaven Lightly

Roisin Fitzpatrick
Roisin Fitzpatrick

'The day after my 35th birthday, I had a near death experience, caused by a sudden brain haemorrhage. Ironically, this brush with death became the conduit for the most powerful healing in my life. I connected to an eternal light which, I came to realise, is available to us all should we choose it. My wish for you in reading this book is to feel this loving light, peace and joy in your life now. The question is: how brightly do you wish to shine?'Roisin FitzpatrickIn this ground-breaking book, Roisin Fitzpatrick takes the reader on the remarkable journey of her near death experience, and shares how we can all integrate the light and love of the afterlife into our daily existence.In doing so, she lends fresh insight into our ancient Irish myths and stone monuments, connecting our past, present and future to this powerful eternal light.Taking Heaven Lightly is a book to be cherished by all those who wish to embrace and enjoy a meaningful life.'A brilliant book with an unforgettable message' Dr Chrisine Ranck, co-author of the bestselling Ignite the Genius Within