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Paul Daly

Paul Daly is a graduate of UCD and also holds a masters degree in Political Communication from DCU. His first job in politics was during the divorce referendum in 1995 and he subsequently worked in the Oireachtas with the Labour Party for seven years. He lives in Dublin where he works as a communications consultant and lecturer.
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Creating Ireland

Paul Daly
Paul Daly

As the first shots of the War of Independence rang out, those given power in the 1918 general election turned their backs on Westminster and established the assembly of Ireland - Dail Eireann. Since it gathered for the first time on 21 January 1919, the Dail has been at the heart of Irish life, shaping the growing nation and providing the backdrop for many of the major debates that have defined Irish society and what it means to be Irish. From the 1922 debates on the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which created the party system we know today, through debates on neutrality, censorship, Northern Ireland, abortion and divorce to the radical social and economic developments of recent years, what happens within the walls of Leinster House reflects who we are.Creating Ireland is a fascinating exploration of Ireland through its politicians and its people reflecting its changing position from fledgling nation to stalwart of Europe.